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What is DockHawk?

DockHawk provides instant access to both current and historical information about your specific area of Georgian Bay. DockHawk helps you better enjoy your time on Georgian Bay.  DockHawk is accessible from any internet-enabled computer or mobile phone and is much more than a weather app.

Why Use DockHawk?

Different users will have different benefits from using DockHawk.  Here is a list of the key users and their benefits.

Waterfront or Cottage Owners

You live on the water.  It is already a priority for you.  You have paid extra for that location.  You need to get the most enjoyment possible out of your investments.

Fast & Easy - A customized, prioritized dashboard lets you quickly pick which of your boats or water toys are the best for today.  Easily see what is the best use of your day.  Safe - You can also customize DockHawk to alert you when the level of water drops too low, putting your boats in danger.  Comprehensive - Check all of the local weather and water conditions that will impact your day.  Also, review the history, so you can anticipate what is coming.

DockHawk is designed to help you maximize the enjoyment of your investments.  It is complete with a focus on making the process fast, easy, and safe.

Sail or Power Boaters

Boating is Expensive,  Gas, Insurance, Maintenance, Storage ...  But we Love it so much.  We do it for the experiences and memories. Boating on Georgian Bay provides one of the best sites in the world.  We need to make sure we can get out on our boats, and not miss a good day. 

Certainty - Determine when it is a good day to take the boat out.  Don't miss a great day on the water.  Welfare -  If your boat is in the water you can be alerted when the water drops too low.  You can do this even when you are away from your home or cottage.  Confidence - Watch weather and wave conditions and keep track of any weather systems with an integrated radar system.

As a boater the certainty of getting on the water with confidence makes for a great day... and one extra great day on Georgian Bay pays for DockHawk many times over.


Anglers near Georgian Bay keep their boats in their driveways, on their docks, but always close at hand, so they can capture the best days to go fishing. Deciding which day to take out your boat and fish can be complex.  Will you get any fish?, are the waters calm enough to make it to your special spot on Georgian Bay?  

Opportunity - If you have a boat you use for fishing, you can easily check the conditions for both your boat and if it would be a good day for fishing.  This is done by selecting a Custom Fishing and Boating rating at the top of your display.  Even if you don't have a boat you can keep track of the weather and the good fishing days and head down to your favourite spot before someone else gets it.  Quick - Don't waste time looking at 10 different apps to determine if it is a good day to fish, DockHawk's custom ratings will point you in the right direction.

These are the issues you need to examine before you decide if you will be working around the house or out on Georgian Bay enjoying the sun and the gentle waves.  Make another great day by fishing on Georgian Bay... and maybe bring home dinner.

Marina Users

You have a great spot at the dock, and some days you will stay there and just enjoy the boat, meet with friends, and BBQ on the shared dock.  On other days the wind and weather call you and it is the "perfect" day to be out on Georgian Bay.  Deciding which day you will "float" and which day you will "boat" can be difficult.  If you live remotely, you also need to decide if it is a good day, (or weekend), to head to the marina. 

Optimize - Is it a good day to head to the boat?  Will it be a floating or boating day?  Set your Custom Ratings to give you a snapshot.  Welfare - Reduce the chance of damage by having DockHawk alert you to potentially damaging conditions, even if you are not at the marina.

Marina life can be fantastic, with many of the benefits of a cottage without the grass-cutting and taxes.  You just need to figure out how to pick the right days to hang out in the marina and cruise on the Bay.  DockHawk is designed for this task and will ensure your days are well spent.

Winter Sports

Georgian Bay in the winter has its own special beauty. But the elements can be vicious. You need to know when you will be comfortable out on the ice in your snowmobile or on your favourite snowshoe trail on the Bay.  

Complete - DockHawk includes Ice Charts which let you look to see when it is safe to ice fish, snowmobile, snowshoe, or do any of your favourite winter sports.   Forecasting - DockHawk will let you know what you will need to enjoy your time on the ice.   Radar will also let you know what is coming.

DockHawk can help you watch the weather and see how many layers you will need.


There is so much to do around Georgian Bay.  Sometimes it is hard to decide what is the best use of your time.  You don't want to take all day to make a decision, because that opportunity will be lost. You want to be "Quick to Action" and get the most hours of your day, out near Georgian Bay. 

Custom - Pick the customized ratings which represent your interests.  Quick & Easy - Look at the dashboard to determine the best use of your time.  Use DockHawk to highlight your potential activities, and track the weather for you.   Optimize whatever watercraft you have chosen.

Many people around Georgian Bay live here because of the trails and the great places to do outdoor activities.  There is almost no end to the trails in the Simcoe County Forest.  Maybe you own a kayak and live near Georgian Bay.  Perhaps you want to cycle your way around the region or go for a swim. You can easily set the application up to help you figure out what days to skip work and enjoy the Bay!

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Well worth the investment!

I utilize DockHawk daily when my boat is docked. Not only does it assist in enjoying my boat at the optimum time, with accurate forecasting but also keeps it safe from costly damages. Water fluctuation can cause immense damage to your boat. Well worth the investment.

Brent Hayes

Very Impressed

I am very impressed by how easy this app is to use even for someone like me who is not very technical.

As a boater/fisherman Dockhawk makes it easy and quick to navigate through the weather, wind, wave height, water depth, and temperature. The important things to me without having to go in and out of other apps to find this out.  DockHawk has placed everything I need for boating at my fingertips.  I can see where this will be a great tool for all boaters.

Dave MacMillan

Very Useful

It looks very useful to me. I can see how boaters would find this information interesting, Especially the opportunity to look at the weather, wave height and wind speed, on the day of a planned outing on Georgian Bay

Jack Pady
Jack Pady Marine

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