DockHawk is Much More than a Weather App

We all have our favourite weather app.   Maybe it is because it has no ads, pretty icons, or a good radar display, but it is not complete for living and boating on Georgian Bay. As a boater, we also likely have wind apps and we know how to get access to the information from the Georgian Bay buoy.  Most weather apps don't understand the difference between local weather and marine weather. As boaters, we also listen to the Canadian Coast Guard's continuous marine broadcast on our VHF radio for alerts.  The problem is that this keeps us busy looking at our screens, listening to our radios, and not out enjoying our time on Georgian Bay.

DockHawk has the same current and predicted data as the weather apps.  It also loads information from the closest Georgian Bay buoy and gathers water temperature. It stores many of the measurements in a database providing a history so that you can plot trends.  This history also allows the ability to plot these measurements against each other.   As an extra feature, DockHawk keeps a history of Radar and Ice Charts with animation capability.  This provides for both exploration and understanding of what makes Georgian Bay so special. This will provide you with a good working knowledge of what is really going on in Georgian Bay.

As a special bonus for those who have docks, or keep their boats in a marina, DockHawk tracks the specifics of the depth of the water at your dock, and measures the exact amount of water below your boat with a feature we call "Depth Below Draft".

The big difference offered by DockHawk is the Custom Rating System.  It combines several different measurements into a simple-to-use 5-star rating.  But it is both Simple but Deep.  You can click on the 5-star rating and see what factors make it up, and how they have been used.  It is not a "Black Box".  You don't have to guess why the rating is what it is.   If conditions are not optimal, then you can see why.  Is it the wind, the water temperature, or the waves?

This is beneficial for many reasons.   Custom - DockHawk allows you to pick the top 5 Custom Ratings that you want to see, in the order you want to see them.  That way it is customized for your use with your most important information at the top.  Other apps require you to click 10 times to find what you need. Fast - It does calculations on current information instantly, taking into account all of the factors that will impact your experience.  Accurate - calculations are prioritized and ranked for what is important to you and they are continuously updated as the situation changes.

Powerboat Rating Details

DockHawk on the desktop

This is a game-changer!  Everything you need to enjoy Georgian Bay is in your hand, (or on your desktop).

Instantaneous. The proprietary calculation replaces a difficult calculation, but the detail is also available so you don't have to blindly trust it.

Try DockHawk today and see why your time on Georgian Bay is about to be more enjoyable!

New Version Available for 2023 Boating Season

After a long winter of coding and upgrades, DockHawk is excited to share the new release of its web application.  This version had many new features which make it ideal for anyone who lives, works or plays on or around Georgian Bay.  This version brings together the best of a weather app but adds specific boating and dock information which makes it much more useful.  It also has added a new Custom Rating capability where users can pick their top 5 pieces of information that they are most interested in and get a rating for that day.

In the example you can see the Kayak / Canoe rating for July 27, 2022.  The rating is 4.5 because the wave height, air temperature are "Optimal", the wind speed is "Good" and the water temperature is "Good".   This brings together all of the important measurements in one easy to read star rating.