Custom Ratings

New Rating System Released

This new system provides a great deal of information in a small amount of space.   You can see at a glance if it is a good day to conduct various activities on or near the water.

We have provided many ratings for several factors and users will be able to select the 5 that are the most useful to them.  See video below for details.

These ratings are developed using a proprietary algorithm developed by DockHawk.  It looks at the different measurements, ranks them, then assigns a definition of Optimal, Good, Acceptable, Tolerable, and Intolerable for each of the different measurements.   These measurements are taken from the many available in DockHawk.  All of these factors are assessed and a rating from Zero to 5 stars is displayed.

These ratings are different for different people around Georgian Bay.  The system automatically recognized where the closest available data is and uses that for the rating.

Rating Listing
Expanded Rating System

Expanded Rating Listing

As you can see the rating is made up of different measurements.  In this case the Kayak / Canoe Rating is made up of Wave Height, Air Temperature, Wind Speed, and Water Temperature.  These are assessed and compared to the optimal range.  The total rating, in this case, is 4.5 because the Wave Height and Air Temperature are Optimal, the Wind Speed is Good and the Water Temperature is Acceptable.

The measurements are listed in order of importance.

Video of Rating System