Your Smart Waterfront
Information System
All Waterfront information in one place
More than just a camera
A Dashboard for your Waterfront
For Home or Cottage Dock Owners
Living Your Best Waterfront Life
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Make Better Decisions

Better use of Time & Resources

More Safety and Security

Why Use DockHawk?

DockHawk is a system designed for dock owners. In Canada, we have very short summer seasons. It is important that we get the most out of our boating and outdoor activities.

Better Use of Resources

You can easily do your planning for your days at the dock. With our new “Swim Rating” and “Boating Rating” we help you make better and easier decisions. A unique dashboard gives you everything you need at a glance.

Peace of Mind

Keep an eye on all your prized possessions. We assist you to watch your waterfront even when you are away. Your boat, your dock, and your other watercraft will be watched over with a long-term recording.


Living on the water can be dangerous with unexpected weather conditions. Remain aware of the weather conditions and changes. This will alert you to unwanted conditions that could cause a threat to your home and property.


Better understand the impact of weather and water conditions on your waterfront. Special visualization including a 2-year visual history. Watching your waterfront has never been as easy and as much fun.

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