DockHawk FREE
Limited Features
Perfect if you want to try some of the basic functions DockHawk. No Login Required. Subscribe for full functionality
Limited Version
Includes Only Ratings & Water Conditions
Not Customizable, No History or Plotting
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DockHawk COMPLETE (Monthly)
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Perfect if you want to try out DockHawk. Can upgrade to other options at any time.
Full Version
Customizable for your Location
History and Plotting
Includes Ice Charts in Winter


Get a free account for 2023  Click here for access to DockHawk COMPLETE

DockHawk COMPLETE is free for 2023.    You do not need to provide a Credit Card.

Why is DockHawk offered as a subscription? - DockHawk is run as a service with many databases that are constantly updated.  These databases are often specific to different areas of Georgian Bay and contain a history of data and images.  Every user will get a version of the app using the most updated and local information that can be provided.  For this reason, we must run the solution as a subscription.

A subscription also allows the developers to continue to add new features and new ratings to the system.    We look forward to your continued feedback.